Latex Levelling Compounds

Transform your flooring woes into smooth, even perfection in as little as 3mm. Perfect for tight tolerances.
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Latex Leveling Compounds: Elevating Your Project to Flooring Excellence

When restrictions on depth are an issue, step into a world where flooring perfection is redefined through latex leveling compounds. In as little as 3mm these compounds don’t just create smooth surfaces, perfect for low profile underfloor heating systems, they lay the groundwork for enduring elegance. By meticulously filling gaps and imperfections, they establish a solid base for floor coverings that stand the test of time, combining flawless aesthetics with unwavering durability.

Adhesion is elevated to an art form with our compounds, ensuring your chosen floor coverings remain steadfast. Say goodbye to uneven flooring woes – these compounds banish irregularities, delivering a seamless finish that blends captivating visuals with safety. Time is maximized, as manual leveling steps are minimized during installation, allowing you to meet project goals without compromise.


Before latex levelling

After latex levelling

Our compounds don’t just prevent wear; they fortify against it. Cracks are repelled, and moisture’s potential harm is deflected by moisture-resistant properties. This protective shield ensures your investment remains intact, preserving its allure and longevity. With compatibility as a cornerstone, these compounds seamlessly integrate with a variety of flooring materials, embracing your project’s uniqueness.

Experience the transformative power of latex leveling compounds, where application is simplicity, professionalism is inherent, and quality lays the foundation for your flooring vision.


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About levelling compounds

  • Smooth Surface: Creates a perfectly smooth surface in as little as 3mm.
  • Substrate Preparation: Fills gaps and imperfections, providing a solid foundation for flooring.
  • Improved Adhesion: Enhances adhesion of floor coverings, reducing detachment risk.
  • Even Flooring: Eliminates unevenness, preventing lumps and depressions in the floor.
  • Time Efficiency: Saves time by reducing manual leveling during installation.
  • Durability: Increases finished flooring’s durability against wear and tear.
  • Crack Prevention: Helps prevent cracks, extending the floor’s lifespan.
  • Moisture Resistance: Some compounds resist moisture, guarding against water damage.
  • Compatibility: Works well with a variety of flooring materials, making it versatile for different projects.

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Frequently asked questions about Latex Levelling Compounds. If your question isn’t here then please get in touch and we will do our best to answer your questions.

What are latex leveling compounds used for?

Latex leveling compounds are used to create a smooth and even surface on various substrates before installing floor coverings such as tiles, vinyl, or hardwood. They fill gaps, cracks, and imperfections, ensuring a solid foundation for the flooring.

How do latex leveling compounds work?
Latex leveling compounds work by combining specially formulated latex binders with leveling agents. When applied, these compounds self-level, flowing to create a flat surface. As they dry, they harden, providing a smooth and consistent base for floor coverings.
Are latex leveling compounds suitable for DIY projects or best left to professionals?
While some DIY enthusiasts may successfully use latex leveling compounds, it’s recommended to consult with professionals for the best results. Professionals have the experience and tools to ensure proper application and achieve a flawless finish.
Do latex leveling compounds work with all types of flooring materials?
Yes, latex leveling compounds are generally compatible with a wide range of flooring materials, including tiles, hardwood, vinyl, and more. Their versatility makes them a practical choice for various projects.
What are the benefits of using latex leveling compounds over traditional leveling methods?

Latex leveling compounds offer quicker, more consistent leveling compared to traditional methods like cement screeding. They save time, reduce labor, and result in a smoother finish. Perfect for restrictions on depth, latex can be as thin as 3mm.

How long does it take for latex leveling compounds to dry and set?
Drying times vary depending on factors like humidity and thickness of the application. Generally, latex leveling compounds can be ready for the next stage of flooring installation within 24 to 48 hours.
Can latex leveling compounds fix significant structural issues in the substrate?
While latex leveling compounds can address minor imperfections, they may not be suitable for major structural issues. It’s essential to ensure the substrate is reasonably sound before applying these compounds.
Are there any precautions or considerations when using latex leveling compounds?
Proper surface preparation is key. Ensure the substrate is clean, dry, and free from contaminants. Follow manufacturer guidelines for mixing ratios, application thickness, and drying times to achieve optimal results.
Do latex leveling compounds have any environmental or health-related considerations?
Some latex leveling compounds may emit volatile organic compounds (VOCs) during the curing process. It’s advisable to use compounds with low VOC content, ensure adequate ventilation during application, and follow recommended safety practices.