Liquid screed at old Lewes racecourse

Site preparation and screeding installation to cafe dining area.
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Location: Lewes, East Sussex
Project Type: Commercial
Services: Liquid Screed

About this Project

Discover the transformation of an old racetrack dining area into a stunning café space through our exceptional liquid screed installation. Situated at the historic Lewes racecourse, this project presented unique challenges and opportunities that truly highlight our expertise in flooring solutions.

Before applying the liquid screed, we meticulously prepared the area to ensure a flawless finish. Despite the simplicity of the preparation process, the final results are nothing short of spectacular, demonstrating the remarkable potential of our services.

For this project, we opted for Cemfloor Liquid Screed, a cement-based product renowned for its versatility and reliability. Specifically, we used a C20 Therm application, tailored to meet the specific requirements of this café dining area. It’s worth noting that Cemfloor offers a range of strengths, including C25 Therm and C30 Therm, catering to a variety of industrial applications.

One of the standout features of Cemfloor Liquid Screed is its unique characteristic of not requiring floor grinding. However, it is essential to sand and key the surface before applying any floor finishes to ensure proper adhesion.

The photos of this project capture the remarkable transformation from a racetrack dining area to a sophisticated café space, showcasing the remarkable potential of Cemfloor Liquid Screed and our expertise in flooring solutions. Explore this project to witness the seamless integration of form and function in a space steeped in history.

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